Smiling Through the Pandemic -  Day 15

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 15

When I smile, I’m more attractive and approachable.

No doubt about it, people respond better to people who offer a smile. 

People are more compliant with my wishes, more open to my thinking, and significantly more accepting of the fullness of me in every respect when I wear a smile. 

My smile somehow reveals the glow of Christ in me; it illuminates my inner beauty, and demonstrates, as few other things can, the distinctiveness of my personality. 

When I smile, I show my unique inner luster. 

Smiling says that I’m “OK,” that I’m accessible, reasonable, light, bright, and easy to be with. 

Smiling motivates me and motivates others to be “in-sync” with me, and to be comfortable with me.

Happiness isn’t the easiest thing to find,
but one place you’re guaranteed
to find it is in a friend’s smile.

Allison Poler