Become a Spiritual Strengths Coach

Answer the Call of Healing: Become a Spiritual Strengths Healing Coach!

Spiritual Strengths Healing Coaching is a way of recognizing the already present action of God in another's life. 

Healing is facilitated when you have knowledge and guidance from a person who not only knows God in their own life, but can also put faith into practice in her/his daily life. 

A SS Healing Coach, stands side-by-side with their focus person in a way that enhances not only learning of information about healing, but demonstrates in all that he/she is, the way of living out their faith. 

Healing is a calling that all of us need to answer in our own way.  Whether our answer is informal and casual, or more formalized and structured, our response to the call needs to be effective and enriching.

Becoming a SS Healing Coach not only brings hope and direction to others, but in so doing, you simultaneously open yourself up more fully to God’s grace that propels you closer to your internal treasure, your truest identity.

Healing Coaching is:

  1. Informal, not structured or formal in any way.
  2. Mutual, not top-down hierarchial
  3. Suggestive and evocative, not directive
  4. Unofficial, not official or clerical
  5. Small group settings as well as individualized

Are you a person with empathy in their heart, a sense of mission to help others in their head, and a trust in God in their soul can apply for registration as a Spiritual Strengths Healing Coach?  

A SS Healing Coach is trained to use the SS Healing Plan with individuals, or in groups by giving seminars, retreats, workshops, courses or other presentations. 

A SS Healing Coach can:

1) use their new healing competencies with students, friends, acquaintances, and family... or they can

2) start their own healing coaching practice where they offer their services and the SS materials to individuals and groups.

To apply Contact our Registrar at 636-273-6898, or email at