Your Spiritual Personality

There is no other spiritual personality like yours in the whole world … you are special … you are unique … you are one-of-a-kind!  God's intentional creation, made on-purpose and for purpose.

Your spiritual personality helps you become the “authentic you” that you are intended to be… your ‘True Self,’

Your personality works by performing six functions.  These six personality functions are:

The Greek CHI-RHO symbol for Christ represents your spiritual power, the sacred energy resident in each of your six personality functions.  Your job is to open-up to this grace.

  1. Believing … all your attitudes, values, and what you know to be true.
  2. Perceiving … how you take in data from the world.
  3. Thinking ... how you make meaning of what you perceive.
  4. Feeling … your emotional reaction to your thoughts
  5. Deciding … all your choices
  6. Acting … the sum total of all your behavior.

No one performs these functions like you do.  All this uniqueness adds up to something pretty special … YOU!  You are a one-of-a-kind, intentional creation of God!

Your SSP identifies the most potent healing and growing power in each of the six functions of your personality.  These six “signature” spiritual strengths are God’s gifts to you now.  These six give you a deep understanding of how you can best direct your life right now, they give you deep insight helping you live fully, living from and in your True Self not some facsimile of you, but the Real You.

True and generous happiness comes from knowing and exercising your six signature spiritual strengths.  Your first step is to take the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP).