Assumptions of the SS Healing Plan

  1. Healing is best understood to proceed along all three levels of human experience. 1) body, 2) mind, and 3) spirit.  Maximal healing is achieved wholistically, i.e., each of these three levels of human experience must be addressed as a part of a larger unit … as part of a whole, which is more than the three parts taken individually.
  2. The MIND portion of the holistic perspective of healing is seen in the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan as the six functions of the personality: 1) believing, 2) perceiving, 3) thinking, 4) feeling, 5) deciding, and 6) acting.
  3. The “Spirit” portion of the holistic perspective is seen in the SS Healing Plan as the special or signature spiritual strength (virtue) one has received in each of the six functions of their personality.  Each person has been given one signature spiritual strength in each of the six functions for a total of six healing gifts … their special healing type … their spiritual fingerprint.
  4. Love is the fundamental healing power; all spiritual strengths flow from this central font of the power of Love.  Love comes from God; it cannot be manufactured or synthesized by humans.
  5. Healing is clearly distinguished from the medical concept of curing.  Curing means restoring physical brokenness or malfunctioning (sickness) to a state of functionality.  Healing, on the other hand, is seen as closing the gap in mind and/or spirit that was opened by your reactions to your sickness.  This gap, usually expressed through personality pain, is what is called illness.
  6. The more completely we can open ourselves up to the healing power of God within us, the more we will benefit from these spiritual strengths of grace.
  7. Each person has been endowed with spiritual strengths that are particular, singular, specific, and unique to him or her.
  8. These signature spiritual strengths serve as a person’s primary means of achieving healing and personal spiritual growth.
  9. As individuals become increasingly aware of their spiritual strengths, they will quite naturally begin the process of folding the power of their spiritual strengths into their everyday lives.
  10. Each spiritual strength has a corresponding shadow, an internal condition or “place” where the spiritual strength is absent.  This shadow presents a special vulnerability or possible point of internal tension for the person.
  11. Likewise, each spiritual strength has a corresponding compulsion, an internal condition or “place” where the ego has distended the spiritual strength to a point of distortion.  This compulsion becomes a proclivity in the person to move away from her/his spiritual strength, and consequently away from her or his Real Self.
  12. When shadows are brought to light, and compulsions are revealed as personality “terrorists”, healing work quite naturally commences on the task of using one’s shadows and/or compulsions in service of one’s healing and enhanced spiritual growth.
  13. The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan is not “faith healing” where one presumes or relies on their internal mechanisms as the sole means for physical cure.  The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan never promises cure; its purpose is healing.  The Plan can however be seen as a supplement and support for traditional medical practices.  The philosophy of the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan is that each individual should seek the best and most appropriate medical and psychological care they can in accord with their own personal wishes, so they may take full advantage of the power of the SS Healing Plan to augment, energize, and support this care.