Spiritual Strengths Immersion Program

Spiritual Strengths Immersion Program

$ 29.95 USD

Once you have taken the SSP, your personal results can be individually configured for you into a personally tailored program that allows you to personalize and extend your unique spiritual strengths so you can "own" them as part of your life.

The Spiritual Strengths Immersion Program is...

  • A 7-week personal retreat program.
  • A practical, efficient, and convenient healing tool that will change your life.
  • Personalized: built only for you based on the results of your SSP.
  • Individualized: Offers you a penetrating and personal healing insight experience each day for seven weeks (each takes about 15 minutes).
  • 42 days of thoroughly engrossing means to personalize and extend the results of your SSP results.
  • A path to discover new depth of your spiritual personality.
  • Augmented by spiritual strengthening prayers connected directly to your own spiritual strengths... morning, afternoon, and evening healing prayer.

42 page pdf file delivered electronically.