Curing vs. Healing

So often we confuse these two words: sickness and illness. We use them interchangeably as though they have identical meaning. They don’t!

Sickness is when a part of the body is broken or malfunctioning. Any medical diagnosis or psychiatric malady is sickness.

Illness, on the other hand, refers to any unhealthy emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual reactions to our sickness, or to our current life situation or circumstances.

NOTE:  Most patients report that the pain from their illness is far more severe, long lasting, and life disturbing than is the pain from their sickness!

In my clinical experience, I’ve discovered that about 15% of the patients I’ve worked with were truly healing… they were sick, but incredibly they were not ill.

These patients felt the pain of their sickness, but little or no discomfort from an illness.

On the other hand, the other 85% of patients were both sick and to a greater or lesser degree, they were also ill… they suffered pain from both their sickness and from their illness!

Medical care seeks to CURE sickness; to bring the body back to its original functioning.

What I have learned and what the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan does is to teach you how to HEAL your illness.