Can I Become a Coach?

Who Can Become a Spiritual Strengths Healing Coach? 

Persons with: 1) empathy in their heart, 2) a sense of mission to help others in their head, and 3) a trust in God in their soul, may apply for registration as a Spiritual Strengths Healing Coach.  

The are no particular previous educational degrees required to become a SS Healing Coach' certainly previous studies in the broad are of human services helps, and/or experience in a human helping area also helps.

When you become a certified Spiritual Strengths Healing Coach you can…

1. Start your own private healing coaching practice where you offer your coaching services and the Spiritual Strengths materials by… Coaching private sessions with individual clients; Offering group coaching, which we call “Healing Circles;” Offering seminars, presentations, retreats, classes, etc. 

2. Use the spiritual strengths healing curriculum for your own self-coaching, or with friends, acquaintances, and family.

Who should consider becoming a SS Healing Coach? 

  1. Cancer (or other sickness) survivors who wish to "give back"
  2. Persons wishing to stay spiritually vital and alive by helping others
  3. Seekers of deeper life meaning and personal purpose 
  4. Persons who want high vitality in body, mind & spirit in their "encore" years
  5. Those who want a fulfilling professional private coaching practice 
  6. Current coaches who wish to add a new dimension and client base to their coaching practice

" I find that certain people are called to this ministry... and some even answer the call from the Spirit.  Are you being called?"  Dr. R. P. Johnson

To apply Contact our Registrar at 636-273-6898, or email at