The SSP and Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem:  A Demon in Your Personality

“Finding new spirit – the vitality, meaning and color that restores life”

Self-esteem can be defined in many ways…

  1. A feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities
  2. How you value yourself
  3. Belief and confidence in your own ability and innate  worth
  4. A collection of your individual attitudes toward yourself
  5. The cognitive and emotional appraisal of your own worth 

Low self-esteem can damage us, making us feel insecure where we suffer in silence.  Persons burdened with low self-esteem can see the world as hostile and themselves as victims.  Sufferers can

Frantically pursue a worldly agenda in search of security and sometimes miss what is truly important, their own internal growth and that of others.  Such a posture may lead to a spiritual sloth where one does not engage in virtuous activity; wasting time and energy on useless things and pursuits. 

Ways to Raise One’s Self-Esteem 

  1. Prayer implicitly raises self-esteem.
  2. Learning to love yourself as a less than perfect human being… which of course we truly are.
  3. Embracing your True Self.
  4. Living up to your dreams.
  5. Standing up for your own values.
  6. Living up to your own ideals.

In ways both direct and indirect the SSP addresses all six of these self-esteem enhancers.

The SS Healing Plan...

  1. Identifies what is most real, what is most “you” about you – your six signature spiritual strengths.
  2. Clearly shows you potentially toxic self-beliefs, self-perception, self-thoughts, feelings, choices and actions that may be “keeping you down”.
  3. Offers you new information about yourself and new tools about current topics in behavioral medicine that can lift your self-esteem.
  4. Helps you open the windows of your soul to God’s grace in an entirely new way.
  5. Cleanses your perception of yourself so you can better see the special and unique truth, beauty and goodness you are made of. 

“Your self-esteem needs to reflect the truth, beauty and goodness that is the ‘true you’.”
Dr. R. P. Johnson

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