Our Curriculum



Course 101: Discovering Your Authentic Personality and Your Unique Spiritual Strengths: Find Health, Healing, and Happiness.
You have a unique, one-of-a-kind personality This 3-hour course awakens your own power and might for inner healing and spiritual deepening. In this course you will not only learn your six signature “spiritual strengths,” but you will also discover what may be blocking you from using your spiritual strengths to your best healing advantage. Prior to attending this course, attendees are asked to take the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP). The book for this course  Discover Your Spiritual Strengths is included.

Course 102:  Your Personalized Healing/Growth Plan, and The Immense Value of Prayer, Your Primary Healing Tool
Take ownership of your spiritual strengths by incorporating them into your everyday life. This course extends the first class by offering two illuminating segments: 1) spiritual personality illumination (Immersion Program), which extends and internalizes healing by using a seven-week personal retreat, built especially for you, corresponding to your signature spiritual strengths, and 2) special healing prayers as the first requirement for healing.  You will receive special prayers for morning, afternoon, and evening that are uniquely formulated for your six unique spiritual strengths. The book for this course
Prayers for Healing… Physical Illnesses, Emotional Broken Places, an/or Spiritual Dis-eases is included.

Course 103: The Ten Most Effective Spiritual Self-Care Techniques for Inner Healing
Ten tools you can use immediately and regularly to jump-start and/or re-motivate you in your inner healing journey.  The restorative power of God is an awesome and effective force for healing and illumination that lies within each of us. The power of this grace is available to us anytime, yet so many of us find it difficult to capture and use this incredible gift. This compact program in healing, self-understanding, and spiritual illumination covers the 10 most effective healing and personal enrichment techniques. The book for this course The Ten Most Effective Healing Self-Care Techniques: What You Can Do to Maximize Your Healing Journey is included.

Course 104: Smiling Through Whatever Life Brings: Using Positive Psychology for Inner Healing and  Opening the Healing Power of Your Soul
Smiling, it turns out is a recognized practice taught in positive psychology and behavioral medicine. Smiling has the power to: generate a new mental attitude, change your outlook, shift your thoughts from negative to positive, stimulate a new, and more positive emotional reactions, and even motivate new choices that bring spiritual personality growth and healing. Come find out the healing power of a simple smile. The book for this course
The Power of Smiling: Using Positive Psychology for Optimal Health & Healing  is included.

Course 105: Illness Wisdom: 101 Spiritual Truths for Inner Healing
This course is dedicated to help you see illness of any type as a master teacher, even as the master teacher in your life right now. Participants learn 101 "truths" of sickness as shared by other patients, and how to transform the sickness experience to one of enlightenment and reward. The book for this course Healing Wisdom: 101 Spiritual Truths for Healing Your Illness  is included.

Course 106: Inner Healing and Depression: Finding Peace in the Midst of Transition, Turmoil, or Illness
The advent of sickness (or other human maladies) is a traumatic event in anyone’s life. Grave, chronic, painful conditions disturb our lives and alter our image of the world, of ourselves, and of God. Psychological disturbances and personality disruption can emerge, causing even greater turmoil for patients and their families. This course focuses directly on depression and teaches some unique techniques designed to shift the way you look at depression, coming to a new understanding of depression, and that your depression is asking for change in your life. The book for this course, Healing and Depression: Finding Peace in the Midst of Transition, Turmoil, or Illness  is included.

Course 107: Staying Spiritually Centered for Optimal Healing… Even When You’re Sick or Life Seems Out-of-Control
Sickness creates an internal imbalance which can cause anxiety, insecurity, and fear. This course helps persons with sickness to rebuild their core of strength. It teaches participants (both persons with sickness and their caregivers) how they can redirect their thinking away from giving messages that generate internal turmoil, and toward messages that generate calm, inner peace, stability, and balance. The book for this course,  Staying Spiritually Centered for Optimal Healing: Even When You’re Sick or Life Seems Out-of Control  is included. 

Course 108: Growing from Success to Significance: Constructing a Life of Meaning and Purpose During and After Sickness/Turmoil/Transition.
Whatever success we were before your sickness may not be the life of significance that we seek after it. When seen in new Light, sickness motivates us to seek greater personal wholeness, that state where all our various parts are working in sync. This search for wholeness is the reward of our current journey. This course helps us find the new “true north” of our personality so we can embark on satisfying and fulfilling new tomorrows.
The book for this course, Seeking Significance: How to Discover New Self-Direction and New Life-Purpose Beyond Your (Unwanted) Life Transition is included.

Course 109: Caregiving from Your Spiritual Strengths: The Ten Fundamental Principles for Optimal Success
Caregiving is a call from God that is both personally and spiritually enhancing. It can also be more than challenging. This course offers the ten bedrock principles for successful caregiving compiled through thirty years of research and practice, as well as techniques for incorporating them into everyday care. This course is for all types of caregivers: spouses, family members, friends, or professional caregivers. The book for this course 
Caregiving from Your Spiritual Strengths: The Ten Fundamental Principles for Optimal Success is included.  

Course 110: Because I Care… Inspiration for Caregiving:  Spouses, Health Care Personnel, Family & Friends
Caregivers often can feel conflicted under the strain of caring for a loved one with sickness. Caregivers can become worn-down by the insistent demands of sickness care. Caregivers need daily motivation and even inspiration to remain vital and fresh, engaged and activated. The “Because I Care..." program presents a unique 30-day caregiver inspiration program that is designed to transform any caregiver’s role by giving a daily meditation/reminder of the special value of the caregiving role. The book for this course, 
Because I Care…Inspiration for Caregiving  for Spouses, Health Care Personnel, Family & Friends is included.