The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan allows you to harness your internal healing power!  It is not "faith healing" where one depends on direct divine intervention as the sole means for physical cure, nor does the Plan promise cure. Its purpose is healing and is best seen as a supplement to and support for current medical practices. The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan’s philosophy holds that each individual needs to seek the best and most appropriate medical and psychological care they can, in accord with their own personal wishes, and supplement their care with this Plan.

Please note that I use the word “illness”  in its broadest sense. Illness  may include the psychological and/or spiritual effects of:

1. Physical Sicknesses

Cancer, heart disease, MS, Lupus, migraine, addictions, hypochondriasis, pain, weight management/loss,pneumonia, COPD, hypertension, arthritis, immune disorders, Parkinson’s, diabetes, stroke, chronic fatigue etc., etc.

2. Psychological Issues

Anxiety, depression, personality disorders, OCD, manipulation, stress, bi-polar disorder, etc., etc.

3. Emotional Issues

Being unrealistic, lacking responsibility, low-self-esteem, career focus issues, poor organization skills, family disharmony, anger management, fears, perfectionism, marriage discontent, lifelessness, infidelity, irritability, chronic lateness, caregiving, etc., etc.

4. Spiritual Dis-eases

Peace of mind and heart, un-forgiveness, existential angst, inner pain, grudges, scrupulosity, incomplete developmental transitions, guilt, grief and unresolved grief, regrets, blame, disappointments, so-called “unfinished business,” resentments, etc., etc

5. Spiritual Direction & Growth

Gaining better clarity of God’s plan in your life, and breaking through barriers that may be hindering your faith journey. 

We all need healing...the world needs healing!

Where do you need healing?

The SSP has found other areas beyond healing where is can be helpful...