Cancer Survivor?

If you are currently diagnosed with any type or form of cancer, and/or are a cancer survivor (even if your cancer diagnosis was many moons ago), then what is referred to on this website as the SS Healing Plan is for you actually the SS Cancer Thriver Plan.  While the 10 courses offered by the Institute are the same, all the books that support the courses are different in that they all refer to cancer specifically instead of the generic “illness.”  When you register for any of our courses please specify that you would like the cancer books.



Here is a portion of the Foreward to the book:


Survivor: One who continues to live, or simply exists.

Thriver: One who continues to grow with vigor and flourish.

If you had a choice, would you rather be a survivor or a thriver?  For most of us the choice is obvious – we want to thrive, not simply survive. So why do so many cancer survivors remain stuck in a continuous survival mentality, unable to break free into thrivership?

One of the big problems for cancer survivors is the ever-present fear that “demon cancer” might come back. This toxic thought follows cancers survivors like an ominous shadow.  Sometimes the thought sits in the corner like a quiet kitten; other times – it sits on your chest like a guerilla.

We’re glad we are survivors (I know that I am), but I don’t want to be stuck in survivorship.  I know I’m lucky to be a survivor, and I am grateful for it.  I thank God; I even ask, “Why me Lord, how did I get so lucky when so many others didn’t?”  But that’s a question I can’t answer.  All I know is that I’m still here; I’m still “kicking.”  But then I ask, “Is this all there is – survival?”  I ask, “Survival for what?” There must be a purpose here; there must be a plan, and somehow I’m supposed to participate in it.  I can’t simply be a passive observer of this grand gift of survivorship – I need to embrace it, not simply accept it. 

That’s when it hit me that I needed to take the next step beyond survivorship and become a thriver.  My true inner self was pushing me to stick my head above the foxhole of survivorship and see what’s ‘out there.’ What is discovered is ‘out there’ is a whole new world, a world I call thrivership.

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