Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 14

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 14

When I smile, I better see what’s real.

Who is in charge of my awareness? 

What filter do I put in front of my vision that prevents me from seeing clearly? 

Smiling helps me see clearer; it peels the cataracts off my spiritual eyes allowing me to see what’s really “real” in me, in others, and in any situation. 

I pause when I smile and gain in this moment a keener outlook and a sharper insight.  I can see what is true, and genuine, and authentic when I look with my spiritual inner eye. 

Smiling helps expand the lens of my awareness so I can take in the bigger picture of my existence.

My smile lets me see the contrails of love streaking across my view of the world. 

It’s here in this sublime panorama that I find the realest “real” in my reality… I see the celestial symmetry of Christ.

God smiles on our smiles.
Author Unknown