Find New Meaning in Cancer

Find New Meaning in Cancer

In the dark night of cancer you may find new meaning, new character, and new personal fulfillment beyond what you may have experienced in the past. You may find, as others have, a renewed personal significance above the worldly success you have known. 

Putting your sights on becoming a cancer thriver can transform the dark night of your cancer into your opportunity for personal and spiritual renewal. The Spiritual Strengths Cancer Thriver (SSCT) Plan helps you clarify your intentions and grow closer to your inner core, the Spirit's pulse beating in your soul. Who knows your new life purpose... your new life goal? But one thing is for sure... you need to go deep into your inner life and look through new eyes to see clearer - the SSCT Plan is like your personal companion helping you do just that.

At times along your cancer journey you may feel the sour sting of depression, the bitterness of lamentation, or the loneliness of insecurity. Yet these bothersome reminders of your brokenness are not abnormal; rather, they provide the emotional base necessary to grow beyond them. This can only be accomplished on the spiritual level.

As powerful as it is, psychology alone isn’t enough to help you find meaning in the darkness, nor can you find meaning in your medicine cabinet.

You can choose to flee from the darkness of cancer, but this will only keep you running. However, if you can confront the darkness, you might just find there, not alienation but instead a strange solitude that provides a glimpse into the silent healing stillness deep within you.

In the darkness of cancer you are naturally drawn to the many voices that inhabit your inner life; voices of goodness, peace, kindness, patience, mercy, and courage (spiritual strengths); but also voices of indifference, agitation, neglect, impulsiveness, and uncaring (shadows and compulsions). In the darkness you can better listen to the cacophony of these voices and better learn to discern the helpful from the hurtful, the caring from the callous, and the strong from the sordid. Your goal is to learn to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit, your spiritual strengths, and diminish the power of your shadows and compulsions.

The above message is taken from my book  From Cancer Survivor to New-Life Thriver.  The fundamental message of this book is that we need a new stage of cancer progression, a stage I call "thrivorship", a stage that can emerge after survivorship as the individual gradually realizes that her/his cancer journey may not be a tragedy, but rather may be a gift... a gift of personality transformation and soul enhancement that opens one's mind, eyes, heart, will and actions to the newness of Christ, the inner healer and leaves you so much richer than before.

The complete 119 page e-book is available for free.  Just contact us to request your copy.