Your Authentic Personality

Your Authentic Personality

Is the You that You Show the World Your Authentic Personality?

The population of the world is getting close to seven billion, yet there are no two identical personalities among all these people.  In fact, in the entire history of humankind there has never been another personality just like yours.  Even more incredibly, there never will be another!  Your personality is unique, distinct, one-of-a-kind, unmistakable, and a never-to-be duplicated entity.  Your real personality is a singular reflection of God.  Your fundamental life ‘job,’ and your path to happiness, is to reflect this bestowal of divinity in and through yourself, and as you do, you find healing.

So, what is a personality, and why do you need such a special one?  A personality is the sum total of your individual traits all admixed in ways both known and unknown, folded one on and into another, stirred by time and relationship, education and experience, as well as all of your emotional, psychological, attitudinal, and spiritual specialness, that together distinguish you as you.

 Everything that is your ‘being’ is somehow mixed together into this unique creation we call personality.  Of course this begs another question, “What is your being?”  This question is a hard one, but I hope that the answer will unfold for you in our journey through these pages.  Perhaps a more practical question right now is, “Why have a personality?” or “What is the function of my personality?  Before we can answer this question, we need to make an assertion.  What do you think of this statement?

Every personality is specially gifted.

Another way to say this is that every person has unique gifts, or strengths.  But, how are we gifted … what are our gifts or strengths?  Innately we seem to know that we are gifted; most every person will say, “Yes, I’m gifted.”  But when they try to enumerate their own gifts, they become quite stymied.  Why do we have such a hard time answering what appears such a simple question?  We know we have gifts, but what are they? 

We believe that we are unique, one-of-a-kind creatures, yet most of us are quite unaware of how this uniqueness gets translated into our everyday reality.   Here then, is the purpose, the singular task of your personality:

Your personality communicates the uniqueness of you.

Your personality never stops communicating the uniqueness of you, never stops expressing your specialness … your gifts … your strengths.  Everything about you is processed through and expressed by, your personality, every word, gesture, action, faux pas, insinuation, attitude, insight, outlook, thought, feeling, and choice is a product of your personality.  The total specialness of you is made by, and filtered through, the various screens or filters of your personality.

 But how does your personality accomplish all of this?  The overall purpose of your personality, communicating the uniqueness of you, is carried out by the six functions of your personality. 

This was taken from my book Discover Your Spiritual Strengths. This book is the text for Course 101 of the “Spiritual Strengths Healing and Spiritual Deepening Plan”.

Our purpose here at the Spiritual Strengths Institute is simply to follow in the healing footsteps of Jesus Christ. 

Everyone needs healing – whether it’s physical, emotional, family, career, relationships, spiritual, etc. we all always need healing.

Healing and Spiritual Deepening are the same!!