Changing Attitudes about Illness

Changing Attitudes about Illness

Illness can eat you up…if you let it!

Illness is one of the scariest words in modern-day language. In fact, just hearing it may cause you to shudder.

On a physical level, illness attacks your body.

  • On an emotional level, illness attacks your feeling heart.
  • On a psychological level, illness attacks your thinking mind.
  • On a spiritual level, illness attacks your transcendent soul.

We turn to the medical community for help; and the help it offers is considerable, at times almost miraculous. But despite all the advances and all the medical community offers, it’s not enough. You need more! 

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan deals with all the rest, that “more” that you need so you can beat the illness of your sickness, brokenness, or spiritual dis-ease. It offers a new story and a new plan; a field-tested plan that soothes your heart, calms your mind, and invigorates your soul. It builds you up by rallying your internal strength, it ignites the innate healing power within you, it charges your batteries, and lifts your spirits so you can do more than just “carry-on” in the face of illness…you can triumph over it.

The modern health care community, as talented and resourceful as it is, is more comfortable with analysis, scientific apparatus, data retrieval, and statistical metrics. All of this is necessary in order to translate research into a cure. Yet as patients move through and beyond what medical science can provide, their need is not simply for more analysis but also for synthesis, not solely for more scientific metrics but also for compassion, not for data alone but also for hope, not only for more and yet more apparatus but also for the strength of spiritual intangibles.

The medical community deals with your physical body; but what about your other dimensions: emotional, psychological, and spiritual?  These dimensions aren’t simply “add-ons;” they are central to your healing success. This isn’t only my opinion; there are now mountains of hard data research that clearly show that you need to bring all your life dimensions together into unified focus, so your internal healing mechanisms can be fully activated. You need a way to integrate your body, mind, and spirit into a cohesive and powerful assemblage of healing might…and you can do this!