The entire Spiritual Strengths Program  is constructed to illuminate your spiritual personality, to quicken your pace in growing closer to Christ, closer to the truest you and consequently guiding you to live your most authentic life possible.  When you come to embrace your spiritual personality you begin noticing changes in you and your life.  

Each of your six spiritual strengths is a virtue.  Virtues give your personality its potency, its effectiveness and its vitality.  Virtue gives you strength of character that both comes from God and connects you to God.  Virtues offer you good cheer and a positive attitude; they summon uplifting emotions that invigorate you.  Vitality is that inner sense of being alive that comes when you are in touch with your deepest values – your signature spiritual strengths. 

Your SSP results…

  • Offers a more adequate model for articulating a positive, strengths-based spiritual view of your potential for deeper faith formation and learning.
  • Facilitate personality modification and behavioral adaptation to enhance a more God-based lived experience.
  • Defines personality in spiritual terms, as a “self-regenerating system’ that adjusts, adapts, reshapes, and ‘morphs’ to promote change, conversion, and spiritual deepening.
  • See any personal disorder, turmoil, or pain of illness, as part of your personal journey of spiritual growth.
  • Generate higher levels of life satisfaction and invites inner peace.
  • Offer a new perspective on change, a new language and new metaphors that make new meaning from life experiences.
  • Move you from a negative stance, accompanied by feelings of discouragement, disillusionment, and helplessness, to a new positive adaptation that leads to new optimism, encouragement, and helpfulness.