Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 35

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 35

When I smile, I know that I’m not alone.

Smiling helps me remember that even in times of discouragement, pain, and/or turmoil (especially in these times) that I am never alone: God will not abandon me.

Smiling helps me confidently confront rough times knowing that God is by my side… always!

Smiling reminds me that there is so much more to living than the “details” of life, and that that “more” is the eternal Presence of God.

Smiling snaps me out of my stupor of thinking that just because I don’t feel God’s presence that God isn’t present… right here, right now.

Smiling alerts me to the larger tasks of life, discovering and incorporating my over-arching purpose of living.

Smiling stirs in the sweetness of the relationship between God and me.

Smiling helps me see the light that the darkness of aloneness is never abandonment.

Smiling jogs my focus back to the center-point of my soul.