Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 34

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 34

When I smile, I feel energized.

My smile activates a jolt of joy that pulsates through my body, mind, and soul like an uplifting impulse of energy. 

My smile reminds me that I am part of the greatness of creation, and that all I encounter today is as well. 

My smile-induced joy allows me to see beyond what formerly snagged my mind and heart and brought me “down.” 

My smile lets me see the beauty that’s right in front of me … beauty that I may have otherwise overlooked. 

My smile ignites an updraft of inspiration and a free-spirited lightness in me that propels me forward with a renewed determination and a refortified confidence. 

Smiling animates me in joy, which elevates my heart; it gives me a positive attitude and an inner balance knowing that God’s grace sustains me always.

I’ve never met a smiling face
that was not beautiful.