Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 29

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 29

When I smile, I’m a better person.

I know that I am better than what I commonly offer to the world.

There is so much more of me that I find so difficult to show.

My light has never really burned as bright as it could.

Smiling gives me a stage upon which I can better express the best of me.

Smiling offers a new frame for me that accents all that’s good, and right, and bright, and beautiful in me.

My smile showcases the best qualities that reside in me and which I seldom bring to the surface.

Smiling gives me entrée into the hearts and minds of others, a pathway to fulfillment and purpose that has escaped me for far too long.

A smile is the light in the window
of your face that tells people
you’re at home.