Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 19

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 19

When I smile, I’m better equipped 
to deal with whatever comes along.

Loss is woven into the fabric of living fully.

I’ve learned that I need loss; I can’t grow without loss.

Smiling offers me a new strength of realizing that I am endowed with the necessary armor and the most powerful tools so I can accept whatever loss comes my way, and whatever diminishments may subtract from me.

Smiling moves me along the royal road to acceptance, which is my true “spiritual grit,” the power and might of God that propels me through and beyond whatever trials and tribulations the world throws at me. 

Smiling is my outward sign that my true self is impervious to harm; I may experience loss upon loss (like Job), but through it all, my smile is the face of God that I wear; my smile is the hand of God that is with me always and protects me from all evil.

If you don’t start out the day with a smile,
it’s not too late to start practicing for tomorrow.