Healing Has Found Me

Healing Has Found Me

Healing means opening up the necessary space for my signature spiritual strengths to work.

Illness makes me feel confined, cramped, enclosed and uncovered.  I want to escape the ropes around me and just breathe freely again.  Illness holds me captive to a life I never wanted; never even imagined.  Yet, here I am.  What do I do?  I need rescue. 

I feel a touch, a compassionate and tender touch… a warm touch.  I look to see who might be touching me.  Then I see… it’s the touch of healing; the peace-giving touch of grace.  The hand of grace, of virtue, cuts my ropes of confinement, takes my hand and leads me out of my angry box.  I can breathe again.  Healing has found me, and I am free.  My sickness still has residence within my body, but inexplicably I am free… I am free! Healing has found me.

“Where do you need healing?”

Dig Deeper?  If you haven’t yet taken the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP); I invite you to do so. You really owe it to yourself to discover your spiritual inner resources; especially if you’re in need of some healing… and who isn’t?