Don’t Lose Your Spiritual Luster

Don’t Lose Your Spiritual Luster

Don’t Lose Your Spiritual Luster
Richard P. Johnson, PhD

You may remember the well-known motivation speaker Earl Nightingale. His immensely popular book, The Strangest Secret (sold over 1 million copies) championed the notion: “You are what you think about all day long.’ One of his oft-used sayings was, “Don’t lose your luster!” According to Nightingale, luster is a unique spark of genius in each of us – a gift of inner radiance that distinguishes us as unique. He didn’t see his brand of luster as anything but human.

Sr. M. Corde Lenn’s wonderful piece of research catapulted luster from a singularly worldly concept into the spiritual domain. Luster now expands onto a whole new realm; luster is elevated from a worldly notion into a grand gift that each of us has inherited as children of God. Yes, we all have been imprinted with a sacred uniqueness of spiritual luster all our own!

Here’s how I experience Spiritual Luster in another

Spiritual luster can surprise me! In a flash, I ‘sense’ a brilliance surrounding this person. Their soul now overtakes their body. I feel it rather than see it. It feels like a rush of spiritual light-plasma erupting from this child-of-God. I imagine that this person’s soul has so expanded that it now overtakes their body; their spirit overflows.

The barrier between soul and matter has become so thin that all I “see” is an interior glow that flashes into my soul filling it with goodness. I am left speechless; I’m enveloped in their inner light. There are no words to describe the experience. It’s as though all virtue, all goodness has been condensed and fortified as it gently pulsates, signaling the presence of The Spirit. The atmosphere suddenly shifts from material to numinous… I’m left physically limp, but spiritually potentiated in this holy moment! Please tell me that you too have experienced this; send me a simple response, yes or no… I’ll publish your thoughts.

Spiritual luster transforms an ordinary life into one more alive, more vital, and most zest-filled. Spiritual luster gives immense ‘value-added’ to your life.

In the next issue I shall begin a 10 part series on the top 10 factors that our research identified as important components of spiritual luster… hope to ‘see’ you there!