Coming home to where you’ve always been

Coming home to where you’ve always been

Spiritual Luster
Coming home to where you’ve always been
Richard P. Johnson, PhD

Webster defines luster as: 1) a glow of reflected light, especially from within, 2) an inner beauty, and 3) a brilliance and/or distinction.

Spiritual luster expands Webster’s definition onto the numinous plane; we could say that spiritual luster stands on three legs…

  1. Luminosity   The outward glow of one’s inner light, is the ‘natural’ state of a follower of Jesus. Let your light shine before others, so that they can see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14-16). Too often however our luminosity is blotted-out by the stacks of worldly clutter that litter our interior landscape… our soul.
  2. Beauty:  On our spiritual level, each of us possesses an innate attractiveness; a gift given by God to each of us individually. Regardless of what we may think of our outward appearance, we are beautiful at our core.
  3. Distinctiveness: As each and every snowflake is slightly different from all other snowflakes, so too are we different physically and spiritually; no other person who ever lived is exactly like you… and no one ever will. The light we radiate and the beauty we share is specific to us alone; no other person can reflect the love of God as you can… and reflecting your unique light is your calling!

The degree to which you can radiate spiritual luster is… 1) a consequence of inner healing, 2) the result of surrender, and 3) the outcome of personal transformation. As you travel your earthy paths you are called by The Holy Spirit to all three of these blessed conditions.

Tomorrow you will receive a third piece expanding the concept of Spiritual luster.