Depression as a Cry for Change

Depression as a Cry for Change

While depression can be ominously destructive when it drags on and on, it can also be a messenger of hope.  Depression, however noxious, is perhaps most positively perceived as a desperate plea for relief, a cry for help, a request for assistance, and/or a desire for deep modifications.

It’s hard to see the core message of your depression, whatever its shape.  But anger and depression are always a request for change. 

Listen to the central message of your depression; listen to whatever wisdom may be there for you. Depression allows you to learn more about who you really are at core levels of soul, shadow, and compulsion.  Depression also may help you sort out the very purpose of your illness.

In my clinical experience I’ve learned that the core message of depression is generally hidden in plain sight, obvious once it’s recognized, but for so long undecipherable in the confusing context of your everyday life.  The message is always about change. 

The change that depression seeks may not seem at all profound when it’s finally unearthed and brought to light, indeed it may seem obvious and even common.  It’s the kind of discovery that makes you smack your head and say, 'Why didn’t I see this a long time ago?' The change always calls for a decision, and it’s that decision that is so very hard.

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Until next time, stay light and be bright in God.
Richard P. Johnson, PhD