Are you a Cancer Survivor?

Are you a Cancer Survivor?

Cancer teaches me that as my body diminishes, my spirit advances.

Strength of body and strength of soul may interact in an inverse way – as one increases, the other decreases.  When I scan cancer’s assault on my body from this perspective it invites me into a new vision, albeit a paradoxical one where my spiritual strengths are activated by the bodily losses I’m experiencing. 

I can’t wish healing for my cancer as I might wish for a piece of chocolate, or some desired event or relationship.  Cancer plunges me into a sea that both frightens me and consoles me, both threatens me and cleanses me, and both strips me bare and clothes me in luxury. 

Cancer is a surprising teacher.  On the one hand it takes so much away from me, but when I listen closer I can hear the call to patience.  If I wait and allow the other hand to unfold, I find something I’ve wanted for so very long – a path of faith and hope that leads to a new balance and coherence of personality, new ways of opening-up my soul, and an illuminated mind, all of which can positively influence the course of my cancer.

(The above is taken from my book Cancer Wisdom)

Today my spirit advances.

Until next time….stay light and be bright!

Richard P. Johnson, PhD