We All Need Inner Healing

We All Need Inner Healing

Inner Healing, the process of becoming whole, requires several simple but not necessarily easy practices.

  1. You need to be aware that you need healing.
  2. You need to have a plan for healing that includes God.
  3. You need to put the plan into regular practice.
  4. You need to do all of this with a centered heart and mind.

It’s this fourth requirement that compelled me to write.  Most of us confess that we need healing; so healing requirement number one is generally fulfilled.  Requirements two and three are fulfilled through the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan, which is a comprehensive and faith-centered inner healing plan that involves body, mind, and spirit.   On top of all that, you need to fulfill one more requirement… keeping your mind and heart receptive, open, and ready to receive God’s healing power.  To put it simply, you need to be centered!

Persons dealing with illness in body, mind or spirit can be divided into five distinct groups:

  1. Lost: Persons who know they need healing but have no idea how to start, so they knock exclusively on the door of the medical community and don’t know that medicine is in the curing business and the not inner healing business.
  2. Confused: Persons who know they need more than what the medical community can offer but who either never find a plan or can’t decide to really commit to one.
  3. Unresponsive: Persons who find an inner healing plan, and commit to it, but never put the plan into practice.
  4. Agitated: Persons who practice their plan, but their hearts and minds remain too agitated, tired, or even tortured to allow the program to work for them.
  5. Centered: Persons who have a personal inner healing plan, commit to the plan, and have sufficiently settled and balanced their minds and hearts to allow God’s healing to unfold.

My book, Staying Spiritually Centered for Optimal Healing, gets to the heart of how centered you are in the six major parts of your personality.  This knowledge alone provides you with a solid foundation for inner healing.  No more will you wonder if the good seed of healing is falling on fertile or rocky soil after you have completed the very first step outlined in this book, taking the Living Centered with Illness Profile (LCIP)… you’ll know.  This book tills the soil of your soul so that God’s “real magic” of grace, animated by the Spirit through the SSH Plan, can grow strong and bear the fruit of healing in your heart and soul.  This is comforting in and of itself. Yet beyond all this, this book takes you a big step further.

Based on your reading, you’ll be able to refine your Spiritual Strengths Inner Healing Plan to such a clear point that you can customize it to your personal specifications – making it your own.  You’ll construct an inner healing program that fits you like a finely crafted leather glove.  The SSH Plan is not a one size fits all program; no, it’s like your own personal halo… only for you!

Blessings along your healing journey, 

Richard P. Johnson