Smiling Through The Pandemic - Day 9

Smiling Through The Pandemic - Day 9

When I smile, I can think clearer.

I seek deeper and deeper meaning in life and smiling helps my thinking “make better meaning” from life.

Smiling reminds me to “connect the dots” of any situation, relationship, goal, interaction pattern, or enterprise of my life in such a way that aligns my personality with truth.

Smiling allows me to see every part of my life through the eyes of Christ.

Smiling helps me use the cognitive template of God’s love as the most important schemata for “framing” what’s happening in my life.

Smiling allows me to come to a clearer understanding of my ongoing growth toward Jesus.

Smiling is my cue to raise my awareness of the role of faith in my life and to think with the mind of Christ.

Smiling helps me begin to clear away any disturbing or distracting self-talk, and replace it with thoughts of peace and harmony.

Is a smile a question?  Or is it the answer? 
Lee Smith