Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 5

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 5

When I smile, I become more fully open to God’s grace.

It’s been said that grace falls on saint and sinner alike, but that saints hold up funnels and sinners hold up umbrellas.

I am both saint and sinner at the same time; I hold a funnel in one hand and an umbrella in the other!

Smiling helps me make the better choice.

I seek to be as open as possible to the power and might of grace. 

God is the source of my energy; God’s grace, animated by the Holy Spirit, is my only energy, and all energy (mine and everyone’s) comes from this one source. 

Smiling opens the portals of grace that I may have closed by my known commissions against, or my unknown omissions from, aligning my will with God’s will for me.

Smiling helps me sensitize my spiritual receptor sites so that I’m ever ready to receive the abundance of God’s grace.

A smile is something you can’t give away, it always
comes back to you.
Author Unknown