Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 12

Smiling Through the Pandemic - Day 12

When I smile, I act in peace and love.

People judge me by my actions, and I seek to act in the Lord when I am at my most noble and spiritual best. 

Smiling gives me a moment so I have the “space” to quickly sort out my thoughts, feelings, and choices before I act. 

This space, which smiling offers, gives me the peace in which I can sort out my next actions so I can act with the hands, and the feet, and the tongue of Christ, and not fumble with my own. 

My behavior is my personal signature of “who” I am, not just a statement of “what” I am. 

St. Paul says that, “You can tell them by their fruits.”  It’s my behavior that shows others and me what I’m really made of. 

When I act with the hands of God, I also act in peace and love.

Peace begins with a smile.  
Mother Teresa