Your Spiritual Personality

Your Spiritual Personality

Your spiritual personality, animated by the Holy Spirit, is a singular reflection of God. Your fundamental life job, and your path to happiness, is to reflect this bestowal of Divinity in and through yourself; as you do, you find your true self, the real, real you. It’s your spiritual personality that powers the six functions of your psychological personality.  

My research indicates that God has gifted every one of us individually with six different signature strengths that serve as the essential power (grace) for each of our six functions of our personality.  Exactly why you have been gifted with these particular six spiritual strengths is the work of the Holy Spirit, and is well beyond the scope of my research.  All I can relate to you is that God wants the full depth and breadth of Love to be expressed in the world, and you have been specially chosen to reflect these six facets (your spiritual strengths) of the infinite diamond of God’s love into the world. 

You have been endowed with a different mix of spiritual strengths (virtues) that together offer you the potential to express the truth, beauty and goodness of God on this temporal plane called earth.   God desires that you do indeed express the fullness of truth in all of creation.  As God’s children you are the vehicles God has created to accomplish this wondrous work.  You are indeed blessed; you are the recipients of God’s grand generosity.  It is your job here on earth to express God’s grace out upon God’s creation – the very place where you are planted.  God wants you to express the fullness of your giftedness so that the glory of God is manifested and observable. 

It’s such a grand vision to realize that it is only you who can express this unique combination of virtue to the world…and in so doing you become the person you are meant to be.  Your happiness, health and holiness expand exponentially as you gradually become more and more aware of, and express your spiritual strengths. 

Knowing your spiritual strengths and your corresponding vulnerabilities, gives you an entirely new self-understanding that both guides you toward your true goodness and leads you away from personal and spiritual harm.