My Illness Teaches Me that...

My Illness Teaches Me that...

My Illness Teaches Me that
It’s True Purpose is Gaining Closer Communion with God

The world sees no purpose in illness; illness is simply the malignant disease to be irradiated, poisoned, cut out, or otherwise disposed of as quickly as possible.  Yet, might there be something more to illness, something of value?

My Choice

If I were given the choice of living a life of ease, comfort, and absolute security; or living a life that ultimately brings me to my first source and center of all life, the point from which all things flow… which would I choose? 

My Job

Suppose my job in life is to gradually come closer and closer, and ultimately mesh into an intimate connection with God.  Suppose that my illness was one means, among many, to assist me in achieving this special communion.  Would my illness still carry the same ominous weight of pathos that I think it does?  Might I see my illness differently?  Might I actually find value somewhere in my illness?

New Freedom

Can the tolls that my illness forces me to pay actually give me new freedom, a new freedom to travel roads I would otherwise miss… roads that bring me to places of heart, and to people of soul, and to things of worth that I may have previously overlooked? 

I firmly believe that my illness brings me closer to God today. 

Wishing you God’s peace in mind and heart,

Richard P. Johnson, PhD

If you wish to pursue these notions deeper you might want to look at my book Healing Wisdom: 101 Spiritual Truths for Healing Your Illness.  You might even wish to learn to teach our course on Healing Wisdom or Cancer Wisdom.