In the Light of Healing

In the Light of Healing

 Healing offers me a new attitude, new perspective, and a new story about my illness – a story that offers me new hope and new resolve.

My illness grabbed me and pulled me into the darkness – a place where I could no longer touch my soul.  I stumbled around in this darkness: alone afraid, and anguished.  Light had left me.  But then a ray of hope sliced through the dark.  The light illuminated me and then gifted me with a new attitude about my illness.  Illness was not the wicked witch, nor the scary stalker I had thought.  No, healing paradoxically brought me a new story about my healing, and this new story gifted me with new power of virtue.  This power was from God; I recognized God’s imprint on my soul.  I was no longer in the darkness; I was now in the light of healing.

“Where do you need healing?”

Dig Deeper?  If you haven’t yet taken the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP); I invite you to do so. You really owe it to yourself to discover your spiritual inner resources; especially if you’re in need of some healing… and who isn’t?